Bottle Opener
CRAZY FOR FLAMINGOS!Add a touch of paradise and flare to your home with these gorgeous handmade flamingo ornaments. Great as a gift for family and friends or to add a tropical vibe to any space.*Please note- As products are handmade...
Bamboo Straw Set
MRS SIPPY! Sip in style with the all-natural and environmentally friendly bamboo straws that are taking the world by storm! These bamboo straws are a great alternative to nasty plastic straws as they are carefully handmade, organic, biodegradable, durable and...
Bamboo Cutlery Set
CUTLERY BAMBOO SETGreat gift idea! Set includes hand made wooden cutlery, bamboo straws, chopsticks and reusable wax wrap. Perfect for picnics or simply in the home.- Bamboo Cutlery Set- 1x fork, 1x knife, 1x spoon, 1x chopstick set, 2x bamboo...
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