If your planning on visiting Noosa then you have to get out there and give surfing a go! We have a huge range of over 100 boards! Ranging from short boards for punchy beach breaks to 9'6" long boards for those long point waves. We also have a large range of soft boards perfect for those taking their first steps into surfing. 

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Check out our rates below:

Surfboards Price
2 Hours $25
4 Hours $40
Overnight (4pm until next day 9.30am) $45
24 Hours $60
2 Days $95
3 Days $120
4 Days $130
5 Days $140
6 Days $150
7 Days / 1 Week $160
2 Weeks $210

Bodyboards Price
24 Hours $10
After 3 Days (per 24 hours) $5

Stand Up Paddle Boards Price
2 Hours $35
4 Hours $50
24 Hours $80
2 Days $120
3 Days $160
4 Days $180
5 Days $200
6 Days $220
7 Days / 1 Week $240
2 Weeks $360

4 Person SUP Price
2 Hours $50
4 Hours $85
24 Hours $120


Where to surf?

When you come into our store feel free to ask one of our staff the best spot for the today. Here are some of our initial tips to know before coming to Noosa!

  • Learn to Surf - Head to Little Cove, or the Rock Wall to have a proper lesson.
  • Biggest Point Waves - If you want the biggest waves head to Granite Bay.
  • Scenery - For the most scenic spot head to Tea Tree.
  • Fast - For a fast wave head to the open beaches (Sunshine Beach) if there is no wind.
  • Long Boarding - For Longboarding head to First Point or Little Cove
  • Paddle Boarding - For Paddle boarding go around the First Point area for more shelter and easy access.
  • Short Boarders - For short boarders, head into the National Park and find a fun spot, easy to walk with a small board.
  • Easiest Parking - For the best parking heading to the open beaches or the river mouth or rock wall on Main Beach.
  • Windy Days - When its blowing a strong wind, surf at First Point to Nations for the most shelter.
  • Quietest Waves - When its busy and you really want a quiet wave head to the river mouth or the open beaches.
  • Busiest Waves - Busiest breaks, First Point, Little Cove, Nationals.