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Today’s modern mat is a throwback to old school

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By Dennis Nancarrow


Trawl through your memory bank to a Summer long ago. There’s a good chance you were ripping it up on a surf mat. The canvas blow up type with handles. That summer stoke is still going on. Mats now come in variety of sizes for grommets and adults.

Today’s modern mat is a throwback to old school. You need to have one in your quiver. Be it for dredging shore breaks or soft mushie sessions. The stoke is contagious. With the winter almost behind us. Now is the time to plan the September holiday trip. Be it the odd day at the beach or a full on surf trip. Introduce your kids to the surfmat and get yourself one and have the best family time possible.

Redback have 4 ribbed mat with handles. Made from a strong canvas these durable mats will last for years. George Greenough is still riding one 60 years after he began surfing and Dave Rastovich is often out shredding on his mat with a ridiculous infectious grin.

Add some old school stoke to your surf sessions and sneak out on a surf mat. You won’t stop smiling. 



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