Small clean beach breaks - Sunshine Coast - Golden Breed

Small clean beach breaks - Sunshine Coast

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The new year bought us small clean beach breaks. There are banks all along the coast at the moment, so you are bound to find a quiet bank somewhere.

The early mornings have been glassy, followed by a light onshore breeze during the day and some late afternoon glass for that final wave of the day.

The coming week is looking a lot like last week with a small swell running and variable winds.

I'm seeing a few drones buzzing around the beaches at the moment. These are a great way to get some vision of your surfs. You can then watch it and see how you are surfing and where you can improve. A Go Pro style camera is another awesome surf accessory. you can film your mates in the water or just mount it on your board for some terrific surf action. While it's flat on the points, you can take your camera around to Tea tree and get some underwater vision of the reef you usually surf over. You might be surprised at what you see.

Our local Brazil crew continued their new year's celebrations with a contest in honor of birthday boy Guti. No one's quite sure who won the event, but that wasn't the point. It was a fun day of stoke Brazil style with great food, music and friendship.
Rumour has it Felipe could make an appearance next year.

If you're like me, I am ploughing through the sunscreen at the moment. I use a mixture of zinc for my face and ears and 50 plus for my ams and legs. Buy yourself a good quality sunscreen like Sunbum, surfmud or surf paste.

If you need to hire a board, you know where we are at 13 Noosa drive.

Get up for the early this week and hope that the hot and humid weather creates something for us out in the Coral sea.

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