Golden Breed started in California USA back in the late 1960s. This period was the absolute golden days of Californian surf and beach culture. Back then, there was no such thing as the multi-billion dollar surf industry (nor was it even an intention). It was all about riding the perfect wave… stepping aside from the ‘rat race’ and society’s expectations of the time. Golden Breed was born out of the Californian sunset and a yearning for a more free and easy life.

Surf entrepreneur Francis ‘Duke’ Boyd first used “The Golden Breed” name with the male/female symbol logo in a 1967 surfing competition. Textile Company Don Rancho Corporation loved the brand, registered the trademark and Golden Breed, with its posse of world champion surfers, became the coolest brand on the planet. South Australian surf entrepreneur John Arnold came across the Golden Breed brand in his travels in 1969, bought the license and launched it in Australia. Golden Breed was an instant success. Golden Breed became famous for its windcheaters, silky Hawaiian shirts, its striped Tee shirts and desert boots. Golden Breed was an undisputed 1970s casual style icon. At its peak, Golden Breed was the most loved and adorned clothing brand in the land. Two factories going 24 hours round the clock could not keep up… the growth was staggering.

Brilliant artist Peter Ledger was commissioned by Golden Breed to create a series of “OUT THERE” posters. Way ahead of its time, the posters became the mainstay of bedroom walls around the country.

Golden Breed’ presence went well beyond surfing… It also sponsored events and team riders in all the extreme sports at the time - motocross, skiing and even Golden Breed skateboards. Golden Breed sponsored all the best surfers on the planet throughout the 70s and their Expression Sessions in Hawaii were revolutionary, all adding to the hype around this amazing brand.

The Golden Breed was caught up in a web of financial woes and went into hibernation in the late 70s. Like a phoenix rising out of one of Ledger’s posters, the Golden Breed brand was revived in the late 90s and has been quickly re-embraced by Australians who continue to hang onto great memories of the 1970s Golden Breed gear. Golden Breed is now a fully-owned Australian company with its trademarks registered across the world, helping bring retro surf brands back to prominence across the globe.


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