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Golden Breed is giving away a Gordon and Smith surfboard!

The winner will choose between:



9'6" Noserider Dane Wilson Series II (no fins included) - Value $1550


Introducing the DW3 signature model! Shaped by Nigel Perrow this board comes in at 9’6" and best of it all its yours to WIN!


The board has a pulled in pintail that gives control and strength for that carve down the line and tighter turning. The slightly forward wide point gives that extra spurt of speed while cross stepping the board and gives an extremely fast trim speed.


The rocker has an even constant curve through the board which lets it fit into more spots on the wave while giving it flexible moveability.


The foil has been thickened along the stringer especially the forward centre to support the weight. It has been slightly thinned at the tail giving it more response when nose riding and carving.


The lower volume knife like 50/50 rail in the nose cuts into the face of the wave creating speed making the board’s ability to nose ride exceptional. The 50/50 rail through the middle of the board offer the ability to do those old school traditional turns. The tucked under hard edge on the pintail slices the face of the wave giving those drop knee turns more snap and control.


The bottom of the board is uncomplicated and keeps the water flowing under your feet. A slight nose concave runs into a minor rolled vee which continues to the tail.




5'8" Anchovy (quad fins included) - Value $1150


The Anchovy quad is a take on the original fish design shaped by Jye Byrnes. It is perfect for the small to medium fun days on the points or opens. It combines classic features along with influences of the modern fish. With a generous amount of volume in the right place this board carries speed down the line and drawn-out carves. The Anchovy has a three-phase bottom contour combined with specially designed split-keel fins. 




*The surfboard must be picked up from Golden Breed store in Noosa Heads.

  Freight can be arranged, cost not included and Golden Breed is not liable

  for any freight damage.

The winner will be announced on 15th May 2018

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